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Cordpro® Performance Tip

Cords operate more easily when coated with a thin layer of F21 Turtle Wax Super Protectant before storing in your Cordpro®. Additionally, this provides ultraviolet protection, which will increase the life of your cords and hoses.

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Discover Cordpro® cord management

Cordpro® cord reels and organizers separate cords, hoses or cables into two chambers, preventing tangling between the two ends. This allows independent access to either end at all times. The Holiday Organizer neatly stores holiday decorations and can be unreeled as you decorate or, because it is assembled with Velcro┬«, can be easily pulled apart to remove the contents.

Cordpro in use organizing shore cables Cordpro mini used to organize laptop cables Cordpro CP100 used for electrical lawn mowers Cordpro Holiday Organizer used to store and organize holiday decorations

What is it?

Once in awhile a tool comes along that satisfies a need so completely and so simply that it becomes the standard, the last word on the subject of that particular need, a major tool... like a pipe wrench, like locking pliers, like a folding knife; not limited to one size and with far reaching applications.

Cordpro® is just such a tool. So simple, it's got no moving parts.

What does it do?
It organizes just about any flexible item like extension cords, air hoses, water lines, coax cable, appliance cords, computer cables, and just about anything that is prone to tangling.

What does that mean?
It means no more tangles, no more aggravation, and easy use of all your cords, hoses, and cables. 

Diagram showing how the Cordpro works

How it Works

What it does is it organizes your cord into two seperate flexible chambers, one for each half. This allows you to access either end independently, and at all times.

You can plug it in, go to work, and it unreels as you work. It winds up easily, because the ends wind past, not over each other, so they don't tangle. It works on anything flexible - extension cords, air hoses, flat cords, all the RV items like fresh water hose, antenna cables, and power cords.

The CP-100 and CP-XL units are made out of the same material as pickup truck bed liners. They are formulated for outdoor use - good to minus 100 degrees. 



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