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Cordpro® Performance Tip

Cords operate more easily when coated with a thin layer of F21 Turtle Wax Super Protectant before storing in your Cordpro®. Additionally, this provides ultraviolet protection, which will increase the life of your cords and hoses.

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Cordpro is Made in the USA

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Cordpro CP100 cord, cable, and hose organizer

Original Cordpro® -

The time proven performer to organize your residential cords and small hoses.

Specifications + Features
  • Great for yard work and in the garage
  • Holds up to 100' of standard 16/3 and most 14/3 extension cords. (12 5/8" in diameter and 3 7/8" deep.)
  • Also great for RV hoses and cords.
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Click here for more info about the CP-100

Cordpro XL cable, cord, and hose organizer

Cordpro® XL - CPXL

Our newer unit, the CP-XL, has approximately twice the capacity as the CP-100.

  • It operates in the same manner as our current model and has the same great features you love
  • it's just larger (15-5/8" in diameter, 18-1/4" high including handle, and 4-1/2" deep) to handle those heavy duty cords and hoses . . . and yet is easy to carry!
  • Click here for more info about the CP-XL

Cordpro Mini#5 cable and cord organizer

Cordpro® Mini #5
Cord Organizer


  • Prevents tangles, while keeping small cords organized
  • Instantly dispenses the amount of cord you need.
  • It's small (5-5/8" diameter and 1-7/8" deep) and so lightweight (1 oz.), you almost don't know it's there.
  • Ideal for computer & audio/video cords and cables. Also great for small appliance & tool cords, etc.
  • Click here for more info about the Cordpro Mini

Cordpro Holiday Organizer stores, protects, and organizes holiday lights, beads and other decorations

Cordpro® Holiday Organizer

Wrap, store & protect your holiday lights and decorations with ease.

Pocketwrench, Wrench, Screwdriver, prybar, hex tool, all in one light weight Multitool

Pocketwrench II

Fits 'em all and fits in your pocket

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